Systems and Networks

Welcome to Actemium India Systems & Networks (AISN) BU

Actemium India Systems & Networks (AISN), as a Business Unit focuses on offering the Solutions and Services that are customized to overcome unique challenges being faced by the demanding Industrial environments in terms of Networking, Communication, Data Conversion & Acquisition, Cloud Connectivity, Resource Management, Network Services, IT Project Management etc.

Critical connectivity in Operational Technology (OT) platform is not just about having a faster network connection; but it is about making the industry’s processes faster, better, smoother, and more secure.

Our technology helps industry to connect, communicate and collaborate with systems, processes and people making the solution more stable, reliable, and available always.

We can make things in automation smarter, safer, and more efficient than ever before.

We offer a comprehensive solution to establish edge-connectivity through a basket of products that bridge various industrial devices to backbone networks to streamline the acquisition and transmission of data, voice, and video.

Our solutions comprising of serial/USB connectivity products, protocol gateways, and smart I/O devices integrate multiple networks for seamless cross-system communication.

Establishing seamless and flawless communication amongst all entities of an industry is not just a herculean task but challenging as well. It involves handling various industrial protocols viz. Serial (RS232, RS422, RS485), Ethernet, Modbus RTU, DNP3, J1939, Profinet, Profibus, Modbus TCP.

Our expertise in framing an optimum system architecture, selection of the right BOM and offering the best solution is appreciated by our clients and business partners.

Acquiring Data from the edge devices, field instruments, prime movers, equipments, machinery etc in a dynamic industrial environment demands the chosen solution and the involved devices are sturdy, rugged, ability to perform in harsh environments, wider temperature ranges and fluctuating electrical situations.

We offer solutions to perform under such conditions with utmost stability and reliability.

With rapid globalization and information digitalization, industries have begun to adopt IIoT applications for enhanced operational efficiency and maximum profits. We offer solutions with technologies to realize IIoT connectivity. The horizon of our offering covers OT and IT convergence to transform data into useful information.

We create, provide, and manage a very wide range of ICT solutions and services.

We achieve this by investing in outstanding talents and by developing imaginative and turn-key/end-to-end offers.

This enables us to accompany our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their projects, from network infrastructures all the way to applications, with a view to reaching their goals and improving their performance.

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

With the introduction of new, complex IT solutions and the implementation of digital strategies, many companies are reaching their limits. We provide support in the form of highly qualified specialists and extensive experience and helps to bring your projects and programmes to a successful conclusion.

Regardless of your requirements, we provide you with suitable, experienced, and qualified specialists. Our PMs are proficient in the leading project methodologies and are familiar with the processes and cultures found within major companies.

Core Network

As the central hub for network and telecommunication services, the core network hosts all strategic components for the delivery of services. AISN is specialized in the design, building and management of best-in-class networks for service providers and network managers.


Enterprise Network

The corporate network is the communications lifeline that links employees, customers, and partners, and is the vital enabler of any business process. Your network, therefore, plays a pivotal role in promoting agility and competitiveness. It is much more than its core components, be it the LAN, the WAN, routers and switches, servers, applications, and storage, and stands as a true productivity catalyst.

AISN provides you solutions and services at each step of your enterprise network life cycle from audit, consulting, integration, deployment to maintenance.

AISN’s Network as a Service (NAAS) delivers end-to-end components, 24/7 support and lifecycle management for your workforce and customers to experience a continuously fast online journey.

“Network as a Service (NaaS) ensures that your organization is always ready.”

Your network must enable you to achieve your ambitions. This requires the highest possible availability for a smooth online user experience. To make this possible, the ICT department works extremely hard every day. But this role is changing now.

AISN supports and advises its customers in ICT to help make the world smarter and help it progress. Together with our customers we improve the lives of people in a scalable, flexible, and sustainable fashion.

As the beating heart of your ICT infrastructure, it connects all the ambitions within your organization so that together we can achieve the best results.

We do not just sell the products, solutions or services. Our customers are our business partners. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction, positive customer experiences and a high degree of value proposition a customer recieves from a business transaction with us.

A few of our esteemed customers are..

Though the list of references is quite long, major accomplishments of our turnkey solutions are in the following domains & segments.


  • Pharma Industry: Data Acquisition from IPQA instruments for real-time monitoring, analysis & reporting
  • Steel Plants: Data Acquisition from PLCs and other field instruments and made available on Server
  • Power Plants (Conventional & Non-conventional): Protocol conversion, Data transfer, Switching & Routing, and transmission over IoT Gateways
  • Automotive Industry: Wireless Data Acquisition from all Machines for on-premises SCADA Server
  • Railways & Transportation (Onboard & Wayside): Wired & Wireless Data Acquisition solution for around-the-clock monitoring
  • Machine Tool Manufacturers: Wireless Data Acquisition for remote monitoring and predictive analysis (IIoT Solution)
  • Substations: Communication Network Infrastructure along with Data Acquisition system
  • Utilities (HVAC, Water, Power, Lighting, Fire & Safety): Remote Monitoring and Reporting for Analysis and Control
  • Smart Cities (Vehicle Parking & Traffic Monitoring): Network backbone for real-time monitoring and reporting solutions over IoT
  • Oil & Gas: Protocol conversion, Data Acquisition & Transmission, along with Data availability to users involving Wired, Wireless and Cellular devices