•       Basic and detailed projects
  •       On-site instrument assembly
  •       Loop testing, calibration and synchronisation
  •       Design
  Industrial automation and data processing:
  •       Production and facility Automation and supervision
  •       MES system implementation
  •       Batch genealogy and traceability
  •       DCS Migration
  Electrical power:
  •       Electrical engineering
  •       Wiring loop diagram design
  •       Electrical systems and control panel design
  Industrial analysis:
  •       Definition and choice of gas and liquid analysis technologies
  •       Design and construction of on-line analysis shelter
  Production unit safety:
  •       Risk analysis
  •       Definition of safety systems
  •       Design and programming of automatic control systems
  Turnarounds & shutdowns services:
  •       Project management and scheduling
  •       Testing, commissioning and start-up of electrical and instrument systems
  •       Valves repairs and renovation
Press Pictures: Copyright water treatment
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